Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Updates, Work Trips and Writing

Another Tuesday home with Boo watching Waybuloo.

Off to Yorkshire this time next week for work related stuff, which should be interesting and challenging. Have printed off a load of old notes for a crash refresher course.

Also trying to to do a big update on a laptop for my eldest, but sadly it's Vista and the last time I did a service Pack update for that particular operating system the laptop had to be reset to factory settings. Fingers crossed this will go without a hitch. I briefly toyed with the idea of installing Ubuntu and leaving Vista where it belongs, but I've no experience with Linux and installing it on your eldest childs laptop is probably not the best place to start.

I find myself re-writing the same 18k words time and time again as the characters need real motivation beyond 'this looks interesting'. But purposeless characters don't seem to bother legions of other published authors so maybe I worry too much...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Who Am I?

I'm an author, musician, parent and Iive with my family in the North East of England.

"Invisible" a Cthulhu story set in Cumbria

 "The Observatory" and "Ring of Silence" were published in Tales from the Asylum
Available from Amazon or from the publishers direct at Lastline

"Machine for all Seasons" was published in the follow up volume Beyond the Asylum
Also available from Amazon or from the publishers direct at Lastline

I also contributed "Submission" to the Steampunk ebook anthology from Circlet Press Like a Corset Undone

The Nothing Machine
As one of the technicians servicing The Nothing Machine I've released a download-only dark ambient album NMTR V1, a free track of which is available here and is also featured on this free download compilation from Black Circle Records.

Missing Transmission
Under the name Missing Transmission I recorded interludes for The Psychogeographical Commission album Patient Zero.

Further experimental ambient music under this banner can be found on the Missing Transmission Myspace and on the Missing Transmission Youtube Channel, as well as the following compilations:

I Know Where Syd Barrett Lived - Black Circle Records - free download

towards a definition of the infinite (songs about space) - Black Circle Records - free download

I play less bass guitar than I used to and once recorded a voice-over for a burlesque performance.

I occasionally update my blog at http://neonsuntan.blogspot.com/